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Becky Heptig

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 We are working on developing this website for our podcast to serve our listeners needs. This is a show about Mindset, Money, and Life for Late Starters to Financial Independence. We will be talking with other late starters, influencers and experts in personal finance, and about topics focused on the unique challenges of being a late starter. You can already find us on most podcast sites and apps! We are Late Starters ourselves. Becky and her husband started with a net worth of $0 at age 50 without any financial literacy and retired 13 years later. Bill and his wife woke up financially illiterate at 50 after a paycheck to paycheck inflated lifestyle and are mid journey on their way to financial independence. We want to connect with our audience, share our mistakes and wins, and learn from each other. While we wait for our website to be finished, you can reach us by email.

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